Way down south, far from mainland Japan, is a secret retreat where travelers can relax and reenergize while planning their next exciting journey.

BAR Live Free, a bar restaurant run by Tabiyujin, boasts the best view of the stars in all of Ishigakijima.

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Just seven minutes’ drive from the town center, BAR Live Free is tucked away at the foot of Mt. Omoto across fields of sugar cane. The entire area is pitch black at night, because there are no streetlights and no houses within a kilometer in any direction.

Raise your eyes to the heavens to view a spectacular carpet of stars, unimpeded by light noise from earth.

Over an expansive site area of nearly 7,000 m2, BAR Live Free offers a range of relaxation options including hammocks, an Asian bar deck, a bar counter (inside an air-conditioned Kombi van), a tree house, an Indian tent, a space pyramid and a communal campfire.
The hammocks are perfect for contemplating the open skies with a drink in hand, while the open deck is great for chatting with fellow travelers. Or you might prefer to take a leisurely stroll around the site.
There are no reserved seats at BAR Live Free, so you can move from one spot to the next as the mood takes you.

*All photos on this page were taken at BAR Live Free.

The soothing ambience of a campfire

The campfire is lit soon after BAR Live Free opens for the evening, and is surrounded by a myriad of lanterns that create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.
On a still night with no wind, the delicate white smoke of the campfire traces a perfect vertical line up into the starry sky, dubbed the path of the angels.
Sitting around the campfire admiring the heavens is a uniquely restorative experience that no amount of artificial lighting can ever recreate.

Every night’s showtime

At around eleven o’clock every night, when the campfire has died down and the stars are risen into the heavens, there is a short countdown and then all the lanterns are switched off. Now we are in true darkness?something that can never be experienced in the big city?and the staggering beauty of nature’s lightshow is revealed in all its splendor.

Next, at around 11:30, the music is also switched off. As our ears gradually become accustomed to the silence, we start to hear the sounds of nature: the wind in the trees, the

cries of animals, the singing of insects. There is nothing quite so wonderful as a world utterly devoid of human sound.

Live music

BAR Live Free offers regular acoustic performances called Magic Hour. Why not come along to enjoy some unplugged music that will perfectly complement the spectacular natural setting.
We also have an “open mic” policy for those keen to perform on the stage. Be sure to let us know when you arrive.

About the BAR Live Free site

This is just a sample of what’s on offer at BAR Live Free?there are many more nooks and crannies to explore!

Asian Deck

The Asian Deck, an open raised-floor wooden deck with an Asian theme, will be a familiar sight to those who have journeyed through Southeast Asia.
It is the perfect place for fellow travelers to get together and share their stories over a few drinks.
Reggae music and soft lighting contribute to the unique atmosphere of the Asian Deck.

Bus bar

The familiar air-conditioned bus bar operates out of a restored Kombi van and offers an array of tempting drinks including favorites such as cocktails packed with fruit grown on site, local beers made on Ishigakijima island, and southern style pineapple tequila.

Stargazing benches and hammocks

BAR Live Free has a multitude of benches and hammocks dotted around the site area, so it’s easy to find yourself the perfect spot to admire the heavens while enjoying a few drinks and snacks.

Tree deck

If you’re looking for peace and quiet, head on over to the tree deck, the quietest place in BAR Live Free, where you’ll hear only the mesmerizing chorus of frogs and crickets at any time of the year.

Big tents

Surprisingly, the most popular spots at BAR Live Free are the three big tents that offer a unique atmosphere thanks to the combination of hypnotic music and dreamy lighting. Each tent is fitted out with sofas and tables and can accommodate up to ten people in extreme comfort.

Space pyramid

The space pyramid is unusual, different, stimulating… and might just be your launch pad for a trip into space!

Happy surprise

BAR Live Free is the ideal place to celebrate a birthday or wedding anniversary under the stars?or even better, to finally propose to the one you love!
We’ll prepare a complimentary cocktail for the special guest and turn it into a surprise event. (Be sure to tell us first.)
When the time arrives, just slip out of your seat and let one of our friendly staff know. We’ll make the cocktail and wait until the right moment to deliver it for maximum impact!
If there’s only two of you, we recommend the Tree Deck for the surprise cocktail, while for larger groups, the Asian Deck works best. If you can’t find enough places to sit, just let us know.
The surprise cocktail is a brightly decorated slightly sweet concoction featuring our very own home-grown fruit.

BAR Live Free


Evening tourism farm and local vegetables bar (business permit approved)・Shell ginger・Local island fruit・Papaya・Local island vegetables・Herb garden・


13 minutes’ drive from the town center (taxi costs around \1,000)・18 minutes’ drive from Kabira (taxi costs around \1,500)


*Bookings close at 9 pm nightly

*Bookings required at the restaurant


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